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The Process:

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The stories were preselected by the elders.



The storytelling was filmed with one elder telling each story.









The video of the storytelling was shown to the students, the stories were discussed and examined, the students were then asked to draw, sculpt and create their own version of how each story might look.


Actors were chosen to act out two of the stories.


The actors were filmed in several locations. 



For the telling of  "The Arapaho Creation Story", with the help of the students, a full size puppet theater was built and decorated. Shadow puppets were designed and made by the students and the students became puppeteers acting out the sometimes complicated scenes of the story.










Students also worked the camera and held boom microphones for various and appropriate scenes.



Tribal elders, school officials and selected students were then interviewed about their own experiences with traditional stories.










This work was done over a period of ten weeks.

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