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Moonstar Productions in association 
with St. Stephens Indian School

Arapaho Truths

This Film is Dedicated to Dara Weller

Whose Passion, Vision and Guidance,

Will be Greatly Missed and Long Remembered.



Directed by

George Giglio


Executive producer

Dara Weller


Director of photography

Technical Director

Joe Collins


Produced by

Maureen Matson



William C' Hair

Elder, Mentor, School Board Member


Wayne C' Hair

Language-Culture Teacher, 

Elder, Mentor


Eugene Ridgely, Jr.

Language-Culture Teacher,


Merle Haas


Frank No Runner


James Stewart

Elementary Principal


Michael Eugene Ridge Bear

Traditional Music, Mentor/Consultant


Mike Redman

Traditional Music, Consultant

Janice Goggles


Ruth Goggles



Rupert "Ducky" Goggles

Mentor, Consultant


Ryan Tyler



Hista Solder Wolf



Danielle Bass



Darryl Dodge



Narrated by

Sergio Maldonado


Traditional music by

Michael Eugene Ridge Bear

Mike Redman


Music by

Tim Janis

December Morning

Courtesy Tim Janis/

Cranberry Island Publishing


Steve Liss


Audio Engineer

Peter Whistler 


Drone pilot

Jackson Weller


Clay animation

Chris Giglio

Masks Designed by

Christine Rakisits

Production assistants

Christina Weller

Darryl Dodge

Summeri Bass

Director 21st Century 

Gerri Boesch

Technical Consultant

Tyrel Teran

Educational Consultant

Dr. William Diehl

K-12 Library Media Specialist

Susann Kreitzer


Star Girl    Danielle Bass


Mother   Timberly Blackburn


Astronaut   Precious Gould


Sun   Hista Soldier Wolf


Moon  Thomas R. Moss


Frog Brides   Danielle Bass, Lanayah Warren


Flower Girl   Helen Harris


Ring Bearer   Daniel Pine


Reverend   WindyBoy Yellowplume


Maid of honor   Laura Brown

Groomsman  Darryl Dodge


We’d like to thank the following for 

their contribution to the project:


Father Phil


Christine Rakisits

Art Teacher


Ron Chesmore



Willis and Elaine Patterson


Wayne Addison


Ruben Roman


Raymond C’Hair


Polly Redfield

We also want to thank students in grades 3-12

who contributed art work, signs,

claymation and shadow puppets


We would like to thank our administration for their 

support and belief in the project:


Frank No Runner


James Stewart

Elementary Principal


Aleta Gould, Odessa Bowstring

Business Office


Keenan Groesbeck

Facilities Manager


Blaine Bray

Transportation Supervisor


We would like to thank our current and past school board

 members for their support of the project:


William C’Hair

Dominic Littleshield


John Goggles


Marilyn Groesbeck


Elizabeth Jude Haas


Ronald K. Oldman

Michael Ridge Bear

Norman Willow


The Director wishes to thank:


Mary Roland


Paula Epler


Karl Weller


A special thank you to all our Elders. 

Without their wisdom and knowledge this project would not have been 



And to the St. Stephens, culture and technology departments and the entire staff and student body for their support, hard work and dedication to this project.


This film is dedicated to our ancestors 

for their 

wisdom, dignity and 



And, to our 

children, for whom the 

future belongs.

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