St. Stephens students attend screening of ‘Arapaho Truths’

















St. Stephens students attend screening of ‘Arapaho Truths’



St. Stephens K-6th graders had the opportunity to catch one of the first-ever screenings of new short film, ‘Arapaho Truths.’

The film features many current, and former, St. Stephens students as well as other Wind River Indian Reservation residents. The film features storytelling, crafts, and details about Northern Arapaho culture.

The film is 30 minutes long and debuted at the Wind River Casino this week.

The film’s Director, George Giglio and Educational Consultant, Dr. William Diehl, were on hand to speak with the audiences and answer questions about the project.

The Educational consultant on the film is also a professor at Penn State University. He worked with St. Stephens students earlier this month to teach them more about film production.



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George Giglio, the film's Director, introduces Arapaho Truths